Cinema 4D R14 Studio Hybrid + Keygen X-Force

Cinema 4D R14 stdio

1. uninstall any demo of r14
2. disconnect internet
3. run keygen and install C4D
4. block app from outgoing connections...using little snitch or similar app.
5. launch r14...turn off auto-updates
6. manually install updates for r14...under the help menu/manual not use online updater

for those mac users with the old serial please re-reg with xforce keygen:
to get new serial working go into library/prefs and delete old 14mca file and then re-reg with keygen serial in personalize screen under help menu.
you may have to re-reg some plugs that are tied to your old r14 serial, with yer new serial.

1. uninstall any demo of r14
2. disconnect from internet
3. open the dmg with power iso and convert the .dmg to a .iso and mount the .iso file.
4. run keygen and install C4D
5. block app from outgoing connections to the internet
6. launch r14, disable auto-updates
7. manually install updates from help/manual not use online updater
windows users with old serial, please re-reg with xforce keygen...go into help/personalize and enter new info.

Cinema 4D R14 edit Hosts Block List:

To edit hosts in Mac, use GasMask, free at MacUpdate...or if you know how use terminal to edit hosts file.
To edit hosts in Windows, go in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts > edit hosts file in notepad
Thanks to applebrasil and theapplebee and XFORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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