tViewer Crack - Website traffic view bot

tViewer Beta 1.0 - Website traffic view bot - Best of SEO tools
tViewer crack
There are many software to support it but they are not really good. Today, i will be looking one of the best for you.
tViewer automatic view page, multi threads, support all proxy type(HTTP, SOCKs, SSL, FTP), random User Agent, Random Referer HTTP bypass Google Analytics. This is one of best tools for SEO. 

How to use ?
* TimeOut: Next proxy if in this time period program cant connect to url through proxy
* Delay: Time delay for next view.
* Show Browser: Display browser for each connect by proxy
* User Agent: List user agent use for each connection. User Agent is random for each connection
* Referer: List websites use to set HTTP_REFERER for each connection. Each connection will chose random from the list.

HTTP proxy format: [host]:[port]
SOCK proxy format: [host]:[port]:[version]
Ex: HTTP proxy: and SOCK proxy 111.222.333.4:80:5

tViewer Beta 1.0 Crack
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Thank you for this awesome tool. I will bookmark your blog

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